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Wonderland✰Productions is the hottest new talent agency in Virtual Wonderland. Founded in 2020, W✰P's mission is to provide audiences with incredible music, entertaining content, and the passion to follow your dreams.

Fall Down the Rabbit Hole

Electric Angel

Song of the Ancients

Alien Alien


Cute na Kanojo

Mrs. Pumpkin's Comical Dream

Alkali Underachiever

World is Mine

Love Trial




The "Alice" of Wonderland✰Productions, Reisa Forte is your new favorite virtual idol! Reisa's music is driven by her love of singing and performing, and she dreams of one day holding her own concert for her fans, known as the Fortissimos.A proud Aries, Reisa is loud, passionate, and unafraid of saying what she thinks. Affectionately referred to as a "gremlin idol" by the Fortissimos, Reisa may not be your typical idol, but her passion has turned her into Virtual Wonderland's next global phenomenon!

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About Us

Wonderland✰Productions is a talent agency headquartered in the heart of Virtual Wonderland. Created to make a mark on the Virtual Idol industry, W✰P puts quality over quantity. We may be small, but we are mighty!Championed by Queenie Harte, W✰P has become the most famous talent agency in Virtual Wonderland, but having made a name for ourselves in our home, we have set our sights on the Virtual landscape as a whole.We hope to show that, when it comes to being an idol, passion is the key to success.

Cordelia "Queenie" V. Harte

President and CEO

Taru Diamond

Senior Vice President and COO

Saji Klub

Social Media Director

Aquarine "Ace" Spade

Creative Director

DISCLAIMER: Wonderland✰Productions is a FICTIONAL talent agency created for lore purposes and does not employ any real individuals.



What is Virtual Wonderland?

Virtual Wonderland is a whimsical-meets-urban city within the Virtual Dimension.

What does Wonderland✰Productions do?

It's easier to ask what we don't do.Wonderland✰Productions does not act as a regular VTuber company. Our identity as a talent agency instead directs us to manage Reisa Forte's idol activities, which largely include the selection, mixing, video creation, and promotion of music. We also consult Reisa on her streaming schedules and content, as well as provide other services on an as-needed basis.Reisa Forte's involvement with Wonderland✰Productions does not prohibit her from interacting with or joining the lineups of other VTuber companies and groups. If interested in having Reisa join your VTuber company, please contact us directly to discuss the details.

Do you hold auditions?

At this time, we are not looking for additional talent.Wonderland✰Productions is a small talent agency, and in order to honor our quality-over-quantity policy, we have chosen to focus on only one idol for the time being.

Is fanmade content allowed?

Yes! Not only are fanworks allowed, but they are encouraged!Before starting on your project, we recommend checking out our Guidelines to make sure the integrity of our intellectual properties (IP) is being maintained!

DISCLAIMER: Wonderland✰Productions is a FICTIONAL talent agency created for lore purposes and does not employ any real individuals.


Fanwork Guidelines

Are you planning a fanmade project based on Reisa Forte and her world? We're so excited to see what you've been working on! But first, please look over these guidelines to ensure that our intellectual properties (IP) are being respected.

What qualifies as fanwork?

Fanwork includes any content starring Reisa Forte or Wonderland✰Productions that is fanmade, including (but not limited to) art, compilations, memes, covers of original songs, etc.By creating fanmade content, you consent to Wonderland✰Productions or Reisa herself sharing the work on social media (with, of course, credits to the creator). If our work resonates with you so much that you want to create something, we, in turn, resonate with it so much that we would like to share it with others!

Can I monetarily profit from my fanwork?

No.Commercial works are strictly prohibited without communication. If you would like to sell your fanwork, please contact us directly for permission and we will discuss the details of your ideas further; we would love to work with you!Any creators that are using our IP commercially without our consent will be asked to take down their work.*We will not request that monetized YouTube videos starring our IP be taken down unless they are direct reuploads of our content without any edits made by the uploader.

Refrain from Impersonation and Misinformation

Do not impersonate Reisa Forte or Wonderland✰Productions on social media.If you see someone pretending to be Reisa Forte or Wonderland✰Productions on social media, please contact us immediately. Impersionation can quickly lead to the spread of misinformation, so we take this very seriously.Similarly, do not claim that your fanwork is official or endorsed by Wonderland✰Productions if it is not.

Be Respectful

Do not use Wonderland✰Productions IP for nefarious or offensive purposes. Mean-spirited fanworks are not appreciated nor accepted by us, so please don't make this kind of stuff!Regarding NSFW content:
At this time, Reisa has expressed that she is not comfortable with seeing NSFW fanworks. To respect her wishes, we ask that you refrain from producing this type of content. Suggestive/lewd works are acceptable as long as they are not explicit.



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